C-mac here - The Grinch & Freddy Krueger, previous posts. Here for a third, cause why not?

Billy Butcherson from Hocus Pocus on the slab this round. Prosthetic half moon shaped latex foam pieces by Abracadabra NYC. I bought these and applied Castor Oil then latex-ed them on, expanding the lines of an emaciated zombie face by using four coats of liquid latex (drying in between coats) that run down the cheeks. Light Green (BenNye), Dark Green (Paradise), Brown (Mehron), Clown White (BenNye), and Black (Paradise) makeup used. Glitter ribbon from Michaels was used for the stitches. I cut them out to the look of a photo from the movie of the fabulous Doug Jones. Then used a bit of latex and spirit gum beneath the stitch to glue it on carefully to the lip area. See video for cool shots of a bit of the process (have a lengthier video not posted at moment).

Wig - Styled and Ribboned by me, Costume - Styled by me. And fun video edited and shot by me! Mwahahaha! ;op



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