My creature is a "Night-Nire". (Not to be confused with a nightmare)...


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    I hope I posted this in the right place this time. My creature is a "Night-Nire". (Not to be confused with a nightmare) He travels along on the blue rays of the moon from one house to another.  Always in search of the scary dreams that plague so many sleepy  minds.  Silently,  he creeps upon your pillow, as close to your ear as possible, and feasts on your darkest nightmares by inhaling deeply....and when his belly is full from gobbling up every last nightmarish drop and your fears subside,  he sneezes out a good dream which gently floats down onto the sleeping child....He is a combination of Pencil, Ink, Acrylic, and good old artistic sweat.
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    Nice sort of Alice in Wonderland vibe going on and the story with it is fun! 
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    Thank you Wren.  He is but one of 9 characters I designed for a children's book...each one stranger then the last. :) 
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