Tin-tin is a six legged creature that lives in the depths of the Amazon Rainforest, evolved from the Titanus giganteus beetle. This creature has evolved by adapting through climate changes over the last century due to rain levels and increased temperatures, leading to its reptile legs and hard shell protected by its quills. The purpose of the quills is to locks in warmth when the creature needs to circulate heat and become streamline under water, as it can survive up to 40 hours under water when hunting its pray, it does this by slipping into a brief suspended animation, switching from aerobic to anaerobic, drifting into a coma trance. When the body needs cooling down the quills separate into a fan to release heat. It's sense of smell and vision is extremely strong due to the creature being deaf. It has an exceptionally good quality of vision as it has eight eyes. The first set of eyes are the most powerful due to it's photoreceptors, a specialised cells found in the retina. It can detect pray from up to a 20 mile distance. Tin-tin feeds off of insects, small animals and fish. It attack using the large pincers and hold onto its pray, then tears apart and eats using its razor sharp pincers. As the creature has a large frame of 1.1 meters and weighs in at 10 kilograms, this means that small animals and insects can attack from behind and underneath, therefore it has a large stinger located at the end of its abdomen for defence.

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