Dianoga "Omi" - Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope

This is my second submission for the costume contest, I created a replica of the Dianoga from the trash compactor scene in the Original Star Wars trilogy out of latex! (This was my first attempt at making a mask ever)

I took over 100 pounds of clay to make this sculpture and I worked on it for about 5 days, I then made a giant stone mold out of a hydrocal and ultracal mixture, cleaned out my mold for a day or so, and prepped my mold for the latex, which I did about 4 layers of. I had minimal repairs for my mask (any minor ones were done in Cabo-patch) then it was painted with PAX paint (white). I then air-brushed the heck out of this big mask for about 3 days, with an Iwata airbrush and a Paasche airbrush.

I made the gooey fat texture with hot glue, then splattered that with alcohol paints, and I poked some hairs in the top as well! I coated the whole thing in a glossy top coat to make it look like it was coming out of the nasty trash water in the film scene (I also wrapped the mannequin head in a trash bag to simulate trash).

The original I believe was created by Phil Tippett, please correct me if I am wrong.

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