Fabulous Jelly Fish.

this costume consists of 2 main parts, the head piece and the body suit underneath

the body suits base is purchased but we customized it using various clothing layers and ruffled organza fabric which is stitched in by hand. (the red and blue stuff on the inside) 

The headpiece is totally custom. the base is made of upholstery foam. This gave us a nice wobbly jellyfish like base to start working from. On top of that are a few layers of organza. the transparency of the organza fabric creates a layered effect which gives the impression of a jellyfishes translucency. The underside has a mix of pink Ruffled organza creating the tendrils. As well as EL wire which has a custom wiring job to rout the cables into her pocket. the head piece also has LED's run through the top giving a magical flare ✨

Heres a video of the suit in action 

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