Freddy Krueger

My original make-up and costume transformation for Freddy Krueger! I’ve always wanted to do the Horror Icons and this year I did them - more insta @macattack543. Here are several shots of the final product. I drew each red burn mark first, outlined with highlights, covered with glitter to add a fresh from the fire sparkle and shine, then did a simple black eye so they stood out a bit more. I, also, put together my own version of his costume with sparkled slash marks, gecko broach, Varsity initials, gem sparkled Hat - as if he’s freshly out of the fires of H-E-double hockey sticks with a bit of glamour. And of course, the Elm Street street sign, that Freddy ripped out the post and carries it with him in your Nightmares. During the pandemic, I did one make-up design a day for over two months, and have continued to do so over the past few years - more on my insta and TikTok @macattack543!


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