The Living Tree, Own design costume for 2023

Hey guys, New to the group but I wanted to show off some of my new characters for this years Halloween! we had intended to host a large party on the 28th but caught covid so the final in situe drama shots will come after the 11th November.

The character is our own design but inspired from mythology and Dnd. Its made almost exclusively from scraps of other projects which is both great for the shop and our environment 😄
The wood strips are carved out using a soldering iron for the texture and then stuck on to the base suit with contact cement (we tried a few different methods but found contact cement to hold the best.
Once all the pieces are attached then we painted them with both airbrush and brushes. 

Here is also a set of videos of the finished build being tested during day time for more detail https://photos.app.goo.gl/8wT1SsrMs8meGLNh9

Heres a link to a youtube short (https://www.youtube.com/shorts/BnnwnIpNQK4) showing the character and I will follow up with a bunch of photos, hope you enjoy!

Also we'll be making youtube videos for the rest of the building of this set of characters. if you like the character let us know in the comments and subscribe for more ❤️
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