Clicker costume by KajLab, 12 years

Hi, my name is Kaj Lassen Blædel.I live in Copenhagen Denmark with my mom, dad and cats Freddy, Bob and Susan.

Im 12 years old and Im a puppet maker / puppetier / artist / cosplayer / close magic magician. 

I have made my Halloween costume 100% by my self - Im a clicker from the HBO Series Last of us. I spend 2 months working on it, I always work alone on my projects, since my mom and dad are academics :-:smile:

The clicker costume is made of several pieces: a helmet/mask made out of Eva-foam, liquid latex and cotton. I have painted it by hand with no use of airbrush or spray paint. Also, I have made a liquid latex facepaint to interact with the mask. Then I have used second hand clothes; t-shirt, a shirt and trouses and added Eva-foam, liquid latex and cotton to create the fungus structures comming out of my clicker body. 

My artist name is KajLab, you can see more of my work at my Instagram @kajlab1 and at my YouTube Channel @kasepap

My biggest dream is to enter The Stan Winston School of Caracter arts and to be an professional puppet maker / puppetier / artist / cosplayer / close magic magician. I have already sold m first work to an art collecters, and I work hard to learn new skills. 

I hope I win!! But I'm also just happy to participate and be a part of all the amazing talents in the competition. 

Love to alle the creative dreamers outthere, Kaj

Video with clicker costume:https://www.youtube.com/shorts/6yPc5eV8w9A 

Video presentation of me: https://youtu.be/fav3fVu7jyQ?si=uXO3M82Um2YX7nCq


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