My Contest Creature Abathur

Amrit JaivalaAmrit Jaivala ✭✭
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Hi all i will enter with abathur
I was painting it and after some nice ideas in the forum, i would paint it with some improvements to highlight the too dark areas and making the green balls wet looking but ^^
because of an accident is the sculpture destroyed. We have a building site next to us, something stupid is happened, it looks like a crushed spider now. Just cant let him go without a notice ^^ was my contest enter creature
let us say goodbye :P
Abathur is dead and it is now only in the memories.
Thanx for watching.



  • So sorry to hear that the sculpture was destroyed. :(

    You did a great job with him.  Hoping to see more of your work in the future!

  • Amrit JaivalaAmrit Jaivala ✭✭
    edited April 2015
    Thank you
    i have started a new one but not the same art. It will be bigger and the big part of the body is burrowed in the earth, this one was a computer game like creature , next one will be creepy and realistic ^^ i hope no one crush it hehe
  • Goodbye :(
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