The Black Annis

 This costume was based on the Black Annis bogeyman figure in English folklore. She is imagined as a blue-faced hag or witch with iron claws and a taste for human flesh especially children. She is said to haunt the countryside of Leicestershire, living in a cave in the Dane Hills with a great oak tree at the entrance.

The costume is built up in different layers of materials to create texture and shape to the costume. I created a pattern using inspiration from medical tunics and dresses for the base of the costume. I used thick black cotton for this to make it more breathable for the model. 

To create the different layers I used two different types of muslin to create texture for the costume. These were then dyed using synthetic dyes and fake stage blood. Then the materials were weathered down using latex, chalk, oil pastels, and watered-down acrylic painting to create more of a dishevelled worn look. 

The hood of the costume was created separately from the base of the costume. This was so I could dress the model without affecting the final look of the makeup. I patterned the hood using a thick black cotton fabric. I then de-threaded black muslin cloth to create a mesh-like fabric and another layer to combine the costume. The fabric was hand-stitched to the hood so it would keep in place instead of using safety pins. 

This was a makeup project created by @carlyjarvis.smufx. 
I had the amazing opportunity to create the costume and assist with the makeup application for @carlyjarvis.smufx at the @the_prosthetics_event
Amazing Custome Teeth by @alphabitefxteeth.

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