Bizet - Human/Sheep Hybrid

"I am Bizet, half-sheep half-human. I escaped from a laboratory where scientists breed new species of mammals in order to become slaves and/or food for the human master race. I was destined to an existence of pain and misery and managed only a week ago to find a way out of the underground labs I was born in. Never before had I seen the sun, nor nature and all the life it beholds. Since I left the facility, my wool has begun to grow again, my hooves are small and dirty from all the mud I've walked through in order to free myself. I'm not strong but I aim to help with the scientific and medical knowledge I've witnessed and learned since I was born, 3 years ago in human years (I am way older in sheep years). My goal is to help others emancipate themselves, I care for them the same way as I would have liked that someone care for me when I was in my cage." - Bizet

Hello, my name is Anna from Montreal and this is a character from a text-based horror RPG that I created. The description above was written by Morgan Ali El-Tiby when he joined the game and I was inspired to bring the concept to life visually. I decided that I would become Bizet for Halloween this year since I recently started learning how to do SFX! I sculpted the face and ears which are made of silicone and I painted them, and added fur. The costume was also made by me, I thrifted most of it and then I stained/distressed and styled the whole thing myself.

Here are some photos, more info about how I created the pieces below:

First I sculpted the sheep's face onto my head using monster clay. I wanted Bizet to look like a sad creature so I put a lot of emotion into the brows.

After my sculpt was finished I put Vaseline all over the exposed stone and made the other side of my mold using Ultracal-30. 

After airbrushing some layers of cap plastic into my mold it was time to pour the silicone (ecoflex 00-30)! This was my first-ever attempt at making a prosthetic appliance and I made more than a few mistakes, the biggest one being I didn't put any pressure on my head/mold. This left me with a piece that had a thin layer of silicone where I wanted there to be only a thin layer of cap plastic. 

Since I wasn't happy with it I decided I would cut it out and use it as a practice piece since it was my first time doing all of this, I also started sculpting my ears.

I tried to make a new one, this time I used ratchet straps and weights on the back of my mold to try and create as much pressure as possible. Unfortunately, it didn't work and my piece came out with the same issue as my "test". I think if I had made a snap mold or used keys to make sure my positives and negatives were perfectly aligned I would have had better luck. I was running out of time so I had to accept this was going to be my final piece. I started painting it with a layer of pax paint, it was way too opaque but I had no time to start over. I went over it afterward with some alcohol paints.

Then I started laying the crepe wool using pros-aide and I gave it a haircut, my plan was to hide my paint job and thick edges with some wispy hairs.

I trifted some pieces of beige clothing and dyed them with tea bags. I used watercolor paint to try and make them look rust-stained. 

I made this cute bow out of a lace handkerchief, to make it hold its shape I sprayed it with a mixture of hot water and cornstarch.

In the end, I'm so happy with how it all came together! Thanks for reading and I hope that although Bizet is a strange experiment, there is a place for her in your heart.

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