Smooth Criminal

This is almost certainly not the type of costume you had in mind but I'll post it anyway...
It took me over 1.5 years to research and recreate the costume from Michael Jackson's short film Smooth Criminal. Almost every piece was custom made to be as screen accurate as possible, including the fabric for the suit which was custom woven in England based on my inspection of the original. I collaborated with a master tailor to replicate even the smallest details of the original suit, while tailoring it to fit my body -- not an easy task, since I am not exactly the same size as MJ was. Every accessory, down to the arm band, pocket square, and spats was meticulously reproduced. I did not create everything with my own hands, which would have been impossible to do at the level of quality I wanted, but I orchestrated the work of a handful of talented artisans to create what is probably the most accurate reproduction of the costume anywhere. I documented all of the details on my blog at www.smoothcriminalcostume.com.


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