The Harvest Queen

Every autumn she emerges from the turned soil, beckoning those who are tired and decayed to come join her kingdom of gilded rot. The gift of a bronzed acorn --a promise of rejuvenation in due time-- adorns your chair next to her. Her insects invite you to enjoy the bounty of this realm, before it vanishes in the last wisp of cinnamon smoke.

Thanks for taking a look at one of my favorite costume builds! I'll give a run down of the work done to be clear as to what elements are pre-made and what was done by hand at home.
Mask: Bought the general pumpkin base off of eBay and did painting with acrylics to add the mold, depth, highlights, glow in the dark teeth. Crown is made from twigs, plastic snakes, real opossum jaw bones, insect wings, gold leaf, craft store autumn leaf garland. Gem is a resin cabochon painted with 3 different magnetic pigments. The eyelashes are fake leaves, eyes are backed with spiderweb patterned lace and mylar to prevent viewers from seeing inside.
Body: Basic orange stretch fabric dress purchased online, distressed and hand painted. Vintage tea stained lace trim, green chiffon trim, second hand leather belt aged with leather paints, real deer antler collected by my dad when he was a Boy Scout. Pants sewn from the remnants of an old skirt, cape is hand sewn and made of velour. The green skeleton bodysuit under all these layers is store bought from online. Multiple plastic insects can be found throughout the body, each with rhinestone eyes and multi-chrome paint accents. The pendant is 3 real acorns, gifted by a friend.
Hands: Secondhand purchase vinyl monster hand gloves, entirely repainted using leather paints and a variety of shimmer and multi-chrome nail polishes. Tea stained vintage lace cuff trim and various costume jewelry rings aged with acrylics and gold leaf.
Boots were painted with leather paints to add wear and adorned with faux leaves and insects.
Scepter: Large tiki bamboo stick from the dollar store, suede fabric scraps, hemp twine, a resin cast of a bird foot that we found in our attic (yeah I don't know either), broom bristles, natural grass sprigs and other dried plants, vintage belt buckle, hand set rhinestones, acrylic paints for aging and shimmer.
Pauldrons: Store bought high neck corset base, foam shoulder pads, black wreath making mesh, plastic insects, faux leaf garland, glitters, iridescent beads hand sewn on to be dew drops, fringe, vintage tassels, vintage lace trim, sheer orange fabric scraps, accents of chrome nail polish, black turkey wing feathers.
I added a smokey pumpkin spice perfume to the pauldron feathers so that people who walk by also experience a scent.

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