Warhammer Empire Greatsword costume

My name is Alex, I am from Greece and I currently live in Scotland where I have a props workshop, This costume was made entirely in my workshop by me, making use of historical armoring techniques and textile fabrications. It is all completely made of mild steel with thicknesses of medieval armors, utilizing cold and hot work with hammers and anvils, that I learned myself and also by watching youtube videos, The clothes are all made after researching typical renaissance style fashion that can be applied on the character and a lot of if is handstitched, last is the leatherwork and various accessories like the book, sigils, hat all again made by me making use of the opportunity to learn a new craft for each item. Foam was only used for weapons for comic con use I won various competitions around the country with this costume which led me to win the nationals of UK in Liverpool last November.   P.S. as a last Easter egg I had made from wood a real size square deployable base to represent my character as a figuring from the famous tabletop wargame.

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