Uncle Bingo - Clowning Around

I had this character in my head for ages before turning him into a silicone mask at Mind Magic Studios. He's a madcap non verbal (apart from whooping noises) character, influenced by Mr Blobby (you might need to Google that if you're not a certain age and from the UK) and Marty Feldman.
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    OMG, the Marty Feldman characteristic aspect you added in. Before I read your caption, I thought to myself, "I am really digging the super low-set + wide-set eyes of this character, it gives a more sinister yet playful persona". Once I read your description, that made the mask you created that much more awesome! Amazing work creating the silicone mask along with the ensemble!
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    Oh wow, thank you, it's brilliant that you totally get where I was coming from with him! Creepy but also a little funny and madcap :)
    Honestly, you've made my day with this comment, thank you so much!!!! :D
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