Custom Half-orc Goblin Merchant

Everything but the mask and the base for the shoes was handmade and mostly of leathers and linens. The breast plate pattern was self-drafted and have stitched with copper wiring in the seams for added depth. The jumpsuit was also be self-drafted with hand stitched layers of texture and plenty of hidden pockets. Beadwork is everywhere as goblins love baubles! The boot covers have bronzed leather pushed up through holes for a unique texture, the pauldrons include hand-tooling, beading, and metal work. The skirt is a varied mixture of leather, linen, scraps, embroidery, etc. 

Vel Mokdo lives on the outskirts of the desert which explains her coloring and choice of attire. She got bored of raiding and maiming and finds creation to be much more challenging, which explains her shift in focus. Wanna buy some wares?

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