Klingon - first ever attempt!

I have loved looking at all the cool stuff you guys create,  so I finally got brave enough and bought all the supplies and got to work. I have never done anything like this before and I am so proud of how it turned out! I'm hoping I'm a natural,  because I had so much fun creating this whole costume,  except for the part where I ruined my sewing machine.  We went to a Halloween party and they disqualified me saying mine was NOT a home made costume.  I was sad I couldn't compete,  but I took it as a compliment!


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    I wouldn't have guessed this was your first-ever attempt at a homemade costume... You did an awesome job Momeedoe! I love the classic Klingon forehead and brows you created and the clothing you made. You know it is a sign of a wickedly cool costume when you fool the judges into thinking it is a store-bought one... it's a shame but in the same breath a completely fantastic compliment! Definitely a win for you in my book!
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