Wolf in sheep’s clothing

Salem Devane of Salem DeVane’s Phantasmagoria here, (formerly Cellar Door FX)
Entering one of my most favorite masks “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing “
all my masks are handmade, unique, and many are one of a kind.
materials used, casting latex, flex foam, mask paints and inks, and my own blood formula.
also pictured is my one of a kind “Jill” mask, Modeled by the Talented Alex Woday.


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    I love it!!!
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    Outstanding creation!! Always creating new and exciting art! 
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    Thanks guys!!!
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    Well, ALL OF THIS is right up my alley! Your "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" mask you created... Chefs Kiss. The sculpt is fantastic in all gruesome and grotesque glory.

    Your Jill mask is also Hauntingly amazing. Those chompers she has are eerily wonderful!
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