Woodland Werewolf

Clever and crafty is her forte as she stalks her prey. For the woodlands is this huntress's domain with a wasteland of those she has slain, soon to decay. ~ SLWcrea8

I mustered up this original werewolf design for the spooky season in conjunction with Mehron Makeup for their recently new product launch of  “Mehron Scar Wax”. I was honored to be asked to create my own unique look using their new Scar Wax in Dark. I came up with two werewolf mockup sketches… Woodland Werewolf and Moonlight Werewolf. I ultimately settled on the Woodland Werewolf for the Collab. However, on my own personal time, I also carried out the Moonlight Werewolf design because I wanted to do a fun “Twin Werewolf Pack” comparison, I loved the contrast between the two mockups I had previously done (which you will see in full effect in my next submission post). Back to my Woodland Werewolf, I really enjoyed that I stepped outside my norm by creating a "natural" skin tone look. I also wanted to keep my werewolf a little more on the humanoid side, while keeping some natural facial features along with my braided hair. 

Transformation Video: https://www.instagram.com/p/CyMT2wLJknq/

Products Used:

Mehron Makeup ~ Scar Wax (Dark), Spirit Gum, Liquid Latex, Spray Blood, AQ Paradise Body Paint in Dark Brown, Light Brown, Porto, Felou, Edge Black Body Paint, iNtense Pro Pressed Pigment in Carbon, Mixing Liquid, Setting Powder

Pseyeche Lenses ~ Yellow Werewolf 17mm Lenses

Juvias Place ~ The Warrior II Palette

Lower and Upper Teeth sculpted and crafted of Modelite, Brea Reese Alcohol Inks, and Eyeshadow

Ears sculpted and crafted of Mehron Scar Wax (Dark), Mehron Liquid Latex, Mehron AQ Paradise Paint in Light Brown and Dark Brown, Eyeshadow, and Faux Fur

The Look  /  Model: Myself  /  Photography: By Me

Before the Hunt (No SFX Blood Spray)

Post Hunt ( With SFX Blood Spray)

Post Hunt ( With SFX Blood Spray)

Post Hunt ( With SFX Blood Spray)

Post Hunt ( With SFX Blood Spray)

Before the Hunt ( Full Body Shot - No SFX Blood Spray)

Crafted Werewolf Ears: Step By Step

Upper and Lower Jaw Sculpt: Step By Step

Application Day: Step By Step

Kitty Approved:

My Moonlight White Werewolf is a separate submission, but I have to share the contrast of the two werewolves together!

The Pack - Double Trouble

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