Nazi Zombie

Hi welcome to my entry.
My costume is a ww2 Nazi Zombie
I play airsoft in the uk and for the last 8 years I have helped organize a zombie themed event for my regular site RIFT Airsoft.
My costume is german army kit from the 80s made to look like a ww2 German soldier.
The kit has been weathered with bullet holes, dirt and blood, the blood is mad with silicone and a red dye to give it a thick rubbery texture, the mask is a airsoft mask bought online but repainted and some blood added to give it a fresh gory look, the hands are work gloves covered in latex then I've moulded wounds and finger bones then painted and bloodied.
The mace, panzerfaust and other props are made from eva foam shaped and painted. 
The detail isnt 100% because these events are played at night so it only has to look like the real thing in the dark.
Hope you enjoy my pictures.
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