The Skull Witch of Dunharlow

The Prosthetic mask is from "Zagone Studios"-which I repainted and did a black wash to high light the features in the Mask and added my own make up for this final result
The contacts are from "Samhain Studios" 
this witch wears both a witches hat as well as just a black hood
The Hat was  bought and made  and pieced together with individual skulls and cheese cloth
the prop book of Dark Magic, I have had for years and i have added it to this costume for the effect
the lantern was bought and repainted to black with added skull candle on the inside and small skulls with spiders and black cheese cloth and the eyes light up green and the candle also lights up
the doll with the missing eyes I have had for years and "yes" she does talk when you press her belly
I am wearing two corsets and added the one Skull with the pentagram and repainted
I am also wearing a coin scarf just above the corset that has also been repainted
if you can see it there is a mutilated hand that is also hanging off the belt an over to one side
repainted the small staff with the green Gem that also lights up
chains on the wrists added for the effect
and she is wearing just burlap over her feet
all the the bit of the costume were put together piece by piece over a long period of time
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