BaluC - Living Dragon - Entry 2

My Living Dragon Mod. 

This is a PC Mod from me again :) 
I wanted a Dragon... not a simply one. But i wanted a (realtive) "live size" dragon, but i dont have the place in my room, so I cheated a little.
It breaks out from the PC, so I only made two hand, the head and a little neck. 

My own dragon. I could made this THX to SWSCA!
- Eye, foam fabrication, scin textures / wrinkles (Ted Haines)
- Moves whit Cable mechanics (Originally it was planed whit servos + remote controll)
- RGB lights under the skin (great for a Mood lamp too :D )

The pictures wont give back the real thing :) Watch the VIDEOs :D 


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