'Shrike' (Mortal Engines)

I started three massive replica costume just over three years ago and with a very minimal budget each month as being disabled and finances being very tight. I began by Sculpting the head using WED clay and which took about 6 weeks to complete to the stage of moulding and casting. This was a two part head, A fibreglass skull amd them casting the skin separately in Latex. For the eyes I then cast two clear resin globes and then carefully drilled into them and set a ultra bright green LED to both back light the eyes ans also show through as a green pupil. For the 'Teeth I used Dental implants found and purchased online as I really wanted a human look and feel to the head and really give that impression!

 The neck and torso I once again used WED clay, This took about two months to create, Adding Maticulous details for skin texture with numerous folds and flapping skin to give a heavily aged and Weathered appearance as 'Shrike' is thousands of years old. Once done it was onto moulding and casting. The coat is a complete one off, Taking numerous screen grabs from our TV this was built from scratch, locating screen accurate buttons (Lancashire Regiment) The whole build process was four months working countless and very long hours to complete this massive piece to this costume.

The belt is again a one off piece using four screen grabbed images, This was the most difficult item.to creat as the screen grabs weren't very clear from tje start, Using leather, Numerous researched greeblies and making one off custom parts by hand.amd then tje laborious task of aging and weathering the belt.

The hands are a mix of 3D printed finger tips, Latex and leather using a live cast of my own hands and replica resin 'Bear' Claws for his evil looking claws..

The stomach was created using an old lycra shirt to which I then added/ bonded the sculpted Latex Abdomen, the stomach sculpt was about 5 weeks work in total and again using screen grabs from my TV and also images from Andrew Baker online..

The three quarter Trouser were bought online to which I've added a severe aged amd worn look and feel using Latex both toned and painted, Using actual garden soil and grit, Then sealed and burnt using a hot air gun for the overall distressed look.

The lower legs/Shins are fibreglass and taken from my own sculpt and moulds, Again using Dirt, Grit and sand for the heavily watered look and then applying numerous coats of Light, Mid and dark brown boots polish and then adding dark shadows in black boot polish and then sealed and again burnt with a heat gun.

The feet are a mixture of a latex skin, Fibreglass feet, Leather, These were also treated to the aging and weathering processes I like to use and feel comfortable with, 

For the paint side of things I've used an 'Antique' brass paint, Bronze and copper brush on paints for the toning and also the 'Boot' polish and soil methods...

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