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Hello, I am working on the Sculpture Techniques - Texture & Forms course but Don doesn't mention what size board to use and how he got the clay on the board (even though it's probably melted oil clay). Is there a course I should be taking before this one to get a better explanation on the setup?  Thank you.

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    Thank you Chris, I created a board yesterday 16x16 and taking the course now as we speak, thanks again!


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    Hi Jason,

    The clay naturally adheres to the board.  Having the clay a bit softer (heated) when initially applying it will make it easier to spread out and adhere to the surface.  This course is a good starting point. 

    You can also look at our Learning Pathway for sculpting basics:

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  • Moving along in this sculpture, never worked with chavant before not a fan as it gets too hard too quickly so I keep the clay in a convection oven which seems to help. 

  • Looking good!

    Keeping the clay warm to make it easier to work with is pretty common.  Many folks use a tinfoil-lined box and a heat lamp.  I use a small toaster oven.

    When it is cool it is great for carving in sharp/fine details, but sculpting big forms when it is cool can quickly wear out your hands.  

  • I think I can get better line work with the "power of the X" technique if I had rounder ribbon tools, the ones I have are flat (see picture). I will check Ken's Tools maybe to see if I can find the similar tool Don uses in the video for the technique.
  • Does anyone know what this tool is called or where to find it, I keep finding just the flat ribbon tools not the music wire round ended loop tools? The one in the picture used by Don Lanning:
  • Not sure what the name is for that specific wire tool, but I know you can find variants of it here:

  • Unfortunately Ken's tools only has about 27 sculpting tools and none of them match the tool Don is using. I went here first thinking the same thing.
  • Jason, The sculpting tool you are looking for is a Kemper D9 6" Double Wire End Tool. Kemper Tools is in Chino, CA. 
    Regards, Sean Dalton 
  • @Sean Dalton Thank you, I have purchased!
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