MONSTER MAKING CONTEST- Joker head 1:1 scale

The storm roared as Hexe von Lugosi's frenzied work reached its climax. Clay thicker than blood and cold plaster mixed with intense ferocity, giving shape to her dark vision. Under the flickering light of the welding torch, a spectral face emerged from the chaotic tumult of fibers and chemicals
With every abrasive scratch against the wet clay, the maniacal grimace of the Joker came to life before Hexe's bloodshot and unchanging gaze. Her hands moved in a frenzied blur, giving the bust its ghastly likeness to Phoenix's iconic portrayal.
Finally, with the burst of lightning, Hexe placed two obsidian fragments in the eye sockets. The eyes of the bust maniacally gleamed, seeming to scrutinize the tormented soul. Hexe threw back her head and let out a demented cry of triumph that echoed long into the howling night. The blasphemous creation was complete.



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