MONSTER MAKING CONTEST: "Valak-The nun"-1:1 replica

The nun stood motionless in the dark corner of the workshop, her robes as black as the night. Even in the dim light, you could make out every meticulously crafted wrinkle and fold in her habit. Hexe von Lugosi had spared no detail in bringing the demonic sister to frightening life. 

Her wizened face was as pale as death, with sunken eyes that seemed to peer straight through you. Long fingers as gnarled as tree branches clutched a rosary so real you could hear the beads clicking together in a phantom prayer. Lips drawn back in a perpetual snarl revealed yellowed teeth as sharp as needles.

The materials used to create such a horrifyingly lifelike figure were:

- A skeleton of reinforced steel, giving her an unnatural solidity and ability to maintain any pose, no matter how twisted. 

- Layers of latex, silicone and foam latex molded and painted to form skin so pale and thin it seemed ready to split at any moment, revealing the steel and wire bones underneath.  

- Fine velvet, wool and linen expertly sewn into the habit that draped her skeletal frame, capturing every dimple and crease of the original costume from the film.

- Glass eyes filled with such malice and madness, it was said that those who gazed into their depths were never quite right again.

Let all who encounter this hellish replica beware - she may only be art, but her soul has been crafted from all our deepest, darkest fears.

My dad!!!

My husband & Valak


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