Zompyre Puppet

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Zompyre is a track mounted puppet system. Actor controlled Pneumatic linear jaw movement with built in led eyes, and audio control. 

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  • Very nice!  Was this made for a haunted attraction?

  • Correct!
    I am the owner and creative director at a company called "Gore Galore www.gore-galore.com. We manufacture giant costumes, puppets, actormatronics for theme parks and haunted attractions. So we have sold many of these to various haunts around the country.
  • Thought the design looked familiar!  I do a lot of work in the haunted attraction industry and have seen (and enjoyed) your work in many attractions.  Great design!

  • thank you, I really appreciate it. Can you tell me something. Did I get this submitted to the right category to make sure it is entered into the contest? thanks
  • No, but I'll move this to the "Creature Contest" category for you.

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