Mr. Pleasant Silicone Bust

Greetings fellow witches and warlocks! 

My name is Santino Ferrese. I’m a 27 year old sfx artist from Pittsburgh, PA. I moved to LA after graduating high school in 2015 and have had the pleasure of working alongside some of the titans of our industry as a painter at various shops (i.e. Alchemy Studios and Immortal Masks). Since moving here, I’ve worked on a number of award winning indie shorts and as of January 2023, I officially opened the doors of my own fx shop, Black Craft Studios llc. 
Below is a 1:1 scale silicone bust of an original character I created/designed for a folk horror/comedy series currently in development, “Odd Compelling Tales of Bloodshed, Evil & Revenge”. Based upon the “crypt keeper” style puppet host of the fictional “Mr. Pleasant’s Halloween Spooktacular” television program within the series, this bust is a more realistic take on the cartoony style puppet host. The only thing not made by my hands would be the Fourth Seal Studios eyes. 
Thank you for your consideration. 
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