The Country of Flesh: A Southeast Asian Mythical Creature

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This monster is my own creation designed for my personal short film project which is still under development.

This video link will show you how it comes to life.

It is inspired by a Southeast Asian mythical creature known as Belu in Myanmar. Their original designs can be found in ancient murals of pagodas and Southeast Asian Ramayana Plays. These man-eating creatures were intelligent and had the ability of shapeshifting according to some tales. 

I designed the costume to be suitable for outdoor film making projects. Although it has some flaws, it is reuseable like clothing for a period of time. I used paper and glue for structure and bones and for skin, I used stretchable fabric. Spray paint for weathering and acrylic paint for detail. The dress of the monster is made out of cloth konwn as longyi which is a traditional dress of Myanmar.

The following pictures are some of the original designs found from the web. Some of them are from Ramayana Plays.

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