head and body extensions for performance. inspired by japanese film tetsuo the iron man (1989) etc

edited September 2023 in Monster Making Contest 2023
I have collaborated with a contemporary performance Artist. the references given to me to come up with the design was japanese cyber punk movies especially the one- Tetsuo: the Iron man from 1989. additional key words for the concept for the performance  were heavy, dark, creepy, dense, noisy, bomb, pollution, matter, organism and sound. 
as the live performance took place in a very humid and hot environment, accompanied with violent body movement I chose to create costume pieces with foam material instead of prosthetic makeup.

I made pattern base with EVA foam sheets and then built the foam clay on top of them. painted with arcrylic colours.
UV contact lenses were worn on the artist, teeth were painted black. 
it was the first time making a costume, and i really enjoyed creating them.
I only wish there was more time so I could build the extra arms and legs. 


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