Silicone Alien FaceHugger and Stasis Tube.

I have wanted one a silicone version of the aliens Face hugger for as long as i can remember, so i ended up making one, sculpted in monster clay then a resin mold was taken of all the parts when they were sectioned out. Then finally cast in smoothon eco flex 00-30, with wire armatures in the fingers and base of the tail making it easy to pose, the hugger measures around 50 inches long and the stasis chamber which is partially made in 3d and partially hand made. Then molded and cast in smoothon smoothcast 300 ( apart from the switches rods and connector which were purchased. ) is 36 inches tall, with the lighting controlled by a phone app.

The 1st video shows the breathing gag i made for the 1st version, and the second video shows the lighting working.

Silicone Face Hugger prop - YouTube

Silicone facehugger and stasis tube. - YouTube

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