Angel of Death (HellBoy II)

Hello everyone! A very good friend of mine is a consummated cosplayer and he always wanted to cosplay the Angel of Death from Hellboy II. I knew this was a very ambitious project, but I took it as a challenge, and with the help from my wife, and a few friends we tackled the project. Here is some of the process for the parts and the final product pictures

Let me show you first the finished project:

And now some of the process:

1-The Helmet:

For this part I first took some pictures and measurements of my friend's head to make a digital double and 3d sculpt the helmet to fit his head, and then 3d print it on pla filament.
Raw 3d print, printed in 5 parts
Assembled, filled, sanded and painted.

2-The mouth / jaw prosthetic:

Sculpting the lower half in moster clay, here you can see the helmet in an earlier stage.

Test fitting of the first latex pull of the prosthetic.

3-The Neck piece:

Some stages of the neck/chest sculpt, before I molded it we decided to trim the length of the bib, it would be mostly covered anyways. It was also casted in latex.

4-The gloves:

I lifecasted my friends forearms to have a form to sculpt on, then sculpted with monster clay, molded and casted in latex with powermesh for added strenght.

5-The Theeth:

Lifecasted my friend's teeth and sculpted over the cast, then molded and casted the dentures in plastic pellets.

6-The Wings:

This was the part that took most of the time and effort, the planning, the structure, the eyes, making each single feather and trying to keep it as light and cost effective as possible.

7-The Suit:

Luckily my friend's mom is a seamstress and she always helps him with the sewing, so he got that part, looking for the fabrics and putting them together, then he brought it back an we got to treat and weather the fabrics to try and make them look seamless, the ribs and chest is EVA foam pasted onto the bodysuit and much of the finer detail was airbrushed over. The last weekend before the event everyone got to paint the suit, it was crunch time!!

8-The First Test Fit:

The moment of truth was the last weekend before the event, it was the first time we tried putting on everything together, the prosthetics were not applied, just held on place with tape, but we finally could have and idea of how it all looked like, here we found the skirt was too long and the teeth a little too big, we took that week to make the final tweaks and it was done!

Thank you for taking the time to check this post, just take a look at the first pictures again and see how it came out at the end, it was a lot of work that took more than 4 months, but it was worth it.


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