Two-Face T-Rex

This is my T-rex head that I made out of cardboard and recycled foam. I’m a STEAM teacher, and during open house a parent told me it looks like Barney From Hell, so I figured I’d run with the name (outside of school of course). I wanted this to be only half done so that students can see how it was created. I submitted an iteration of this last year for the contest, however, I have re-sculpted a majority of the head, nose and eye. The eyes have been redone to have more depth. Also, I have repainted the entire head and added feather quills at the top of the scalp. Hope you enjoy it!

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    this looks amazing! I love how you left one side undone to see how it was made. I'm always fascinated by the process so that's super cool!
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    Thanks, I appreciate it! I have the build process posted in other discussions on my profile.
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