Reptilian Dramah Queen

Here’s my submission for the Monster Making Contest 2023
Reptilian Dramah Queen
The Reptilian Dramah Queen is a powerful character in the local tribe of Dramah, a humanoid reptilian indigenous species that lives in harmony with nature. 
They walk upright, are human-sized, and weigh between 130 and 200 pounds. Dramahs have scaly bodies like dragons and long tails. They are the most intelligent, cunning, and fiercest of all reptilian subspecies. Dramahs rely on their tremendous battle powers with medieval weapons made by themselves using animal body pieces.
My design was heavily inspired by fantasy art. I am a huge fan of D&D so I was really inspired by the idea of a Draconian Queen but I also wanted her to look reliable with humanoid aspects. 
I sculpted the head on MonsterClay Hard, molded in plaster, cast in latex, and then foam-filled it. The crown and the eyes I sculpted on ZBrush (3D software), 3D printed, and then airbrushed painted both. 
I hope that you like it as much as I enjoyed the whole process.

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