Paint the town purple!😈 Content entry. 2023. Loveleen Duseja.

Purple Devil

Made by Loveleen Duseja(me)
An artist based in India, working towards her passion. 
This is my 2nd entry in this contest. 
This has been a beautiful journey from a desk job to working for myself and from using tissues and craft glue to silicone and derma tac. 
I love every bit of it.💕
Through this content, I was able to push my boundaries and create something I never thought of creating so early in my journey, as it’s been a couple of months since I started doing prosthetics. 
I am grateful that I was able to express myself and was able to explore my creative potential. 
Everything was done from scratch(life cast- sculpting- silicone prosthetics). 
Thank you.

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