Nosferatu Sculpture

Hi there, I'm Sora Fay Dams.
My submission is my take on the classic vampire, Nosferatu, inspired by a nightmare I had and drawn out the moment I woke up (original drawing at the bottom).
This clay sculpture took approximately a week to complete , give or take 2 days of trial and error for his cloak. He is roughly 9" tall (approx. 1:8 scale) and 7.5" wide (from Nose to back of the Cloak).
This is my first sculpture in a long while, so taking the opportunity to rediscover my love of horror through this art form and being recommended by friends to look into Stan Winston: School of Character Arts has been wonderfully therapeutic and has rekindled a passionate flame in me once more.

Materials used:
- Sculpey Oven-Bake Clay
- Aluminum Foil for Shaping and Stability
- 1mm Wire for Stability within Body, Neck, Ears, and Head
- .6mm Wire for Stability within Fingers and Nose
- variety of Acrylic Paints
- Gloss Varnish for Eyes and Mouth
- Black Cotton Fabric (fully sewn by Hand and Sewing Machine), Orange/Yellow Beading, and 2mm Twine for Cloak
- Combination of Hot Glue and E6000 Glue used to keep Sculpture and Cloak in place

IG: SoraFayDams
Twitter: SoraFayDams

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