🦇 Bat Boy (All Grown Up) 🦇

Hello! My name is Nicholas Spindler and my Drag name is Claire Voyant. I am originally from Chicago, Illinois, but I recently moved to Los Angeles, California. I have been a professional drag performer for eight years and I am transitioning into special effects makeup for film and television. Every October, my photographer and I design and create a photo series in preparation for Halloween. Our first year, we tackled movie monsters, our second year we tackled serial killers, and our third year (last year) we tackled cryptid creatures. Although “Bat Boy” is not a cryptid, we were inspired by 90’s newspapers and tabloids and believed cryptids belong to this category as well. Bat BOY was lost by the early 2000’s, so we wanted to see Bat Boy NOW in the 2020’s (All Grown Up). We believed Bat Boy would be attending a private school for peculiar children where he was heavily bullied and abused for his appearance. The suit, the jewelry, and the makeup, were all distressed and applied by myself and the photography and editing are by Johnny Bianco…

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