🐍 Serpent Woman 🐍

Hello! My name is Nicholas Spindler and my Drag name is Claire Voyant. I am originally from Chicago, Illinois, but I recently moved to Los Angeles, California. I have been a professional drag performer for eight years and I am transitioning into special effects makeup for film and television. In Chicago, I hosted a witchcraft themed drag show called “Belladonna” where I created this serpent woman character. The entire costume and makeup was designed and created by myself using a reptilian vinyl, seductive velvet, and silver metallics. My favorite details are the authentic rose quartz crystal and silver fangs. I was inspired by the character “Kaa” in “Jungle Book,” and wanted to bring the serpent entity into a human body with a glamour and horror that would resonate with the word “Witchcraft.” I imagined this creature would hypothesize with their eyes (Like Kaa) and swallow their prey whole…

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