I created this creature from scratch. the inside of it is all welded aluminum frame work. The whole neck and head it puppeteer with my arm similar to skeksis.  I see out of the mouth, bottom of the neck (with mesh) and also a camera inside of the nose that leads to a screen inside of the suit where i can see. I have a 5" computer fan to keep me cool, next to a few support braces for the neck. The creature also has 3-4 roars and sound effects that i control with some buttons inside of the head where my hand is. The speaker itself is inside of his pouch along his belt.

materials used; aluminum, fur, eva foam, upholstry foam, caulk, ornaments (for the eyes), cloth and a few other minor items.

https://youtu.be/uGojveJVi0E?si=em8U2Nc8vdBn6z8d&nbsp; <-  Video link of me outside of my house with it on.

(a look of the inside of it)

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