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mixed materials such as silicone, urethane, styrofoam, epoxy resin, etc

The most apex-located creature in the food chain is called an apex predator. The top predator on Earth where we currently live is definitely a human with unrivaled intelligence.

But can it be said to be an absolute truth, just the idea of a species of human being? In fact, humans are only one "type" of top predators, and there are actual top predators separately.

Known incorrectly by the name "dragon" in past literature or myths, the creature is a global top predator that can survive in areas such as land, sea, and public offering. Based on the current evolutionary form, it has a body length of 7.8 m, a pair of wings and hind legs, a long neck and a broad tail. The whole body is covered with hard chitin crusts and scales, horns and thorns, and its intensity is comparable to carbine, known as the hardest substance in the world. The pores of the whole body emit essence, which is highly toxic, and even a small amount of it is sufficient to kill organisms, and in fact, it uses tentacles hidden by saliva that extends around the neck to hunt prey. Like the double eyes of insects, two eyes in the eyeball alternately recognize all directions, so there is no square, and three-dimensional movement is used through a 1.8m long flexible cervical spine that can rotate close to 180 degrees. Although it is an omnivorous creature, it is extremely dangerous because it has a ferocious character and hunts prey in its surroundings at random.

However, the true fear of this predator does not exist in the above body specification. It exists in viability and adaptability. This creature does not exist to this day because it formed a species through breeding before death. This is because life is maintained for such a long time that it cannot be recognized by ordinary living standards without a single death from the Permian to the present. When faced with extreme situations and environments, this creature can enter a very long period of frozen housekeeping while stopping activity and metabolism, or evolve for survival in real time through extremely fast cell division.

Currently, the predator is active in deep seabed areas that humans have not even discovered. But the reason is that the creature is more nutritious than the earth's because it is active, and if one day after a long time, there is no interesting food left in the sea, the predator can always turn back to the earth. At that moment, maybe humans can no longer reign as a warrant for all things.
by Shihwan Lee // dltlghkd98@gmail.com // @di_mold (instagram)
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