Contest Entry- Life-sized Graboid Head

First I want to say I did not model this. The guy behind the 3D model is named Chris Barkau. He contacted me after hearing of my plans to make a giant Graboid taxidermy and graciously suggested I use his beautiful model. We discussed what the best pose would be and looked at movie stills to get a close approximation of scale. I then used a program called LuBan 3D to hollow and split the model into over 200 parts that would fit on my Ender 5 3D printer. It took me about a year to 3D print everything on my single printer. Parts were welded together with a soldering iron on the inside and outside of the model and layer lines were smoothed with resin and backing soda. After painting, I flipped the model over and filled it with 6-pound density foam to strengthen everything and to help hang it on my wall. The model weighs about 150 pounds and is hung on 3 studs. To add to the display, I studied stills of the magazine covers featured in the second Tremors film and recreated them the best I could in Photoshop.

People ask me "why" a lot. Tremors 2 was one of the last films I watched with my father before he passed away in 1998. Any time I watch the film, it reminds me of spending time with him. I give a huge thanks to Brent Maddock, S.S. Willson, and ADI for writing and bringing to life one of my all-time favorite movie monsters!

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