Knight of the Dead

There is a soul that may not rest, for she has been chosen to live on to protect and preserve the sacred grounds of the dead as they ascend and descend to the afterlife. Disfigured in her new monstrous form (appointed both the heavens and underworld), armor melded within her rotting flesh... She is The Knight of the Dead.  ~ By Shanice L. Wadell

Hello Everyone!
I had a blast creating this concept, character design, and writing this little mini-saga.

I created this look over a 4-day period:
Day 1 - Friday, August 11, 2023:  Concept Sketch and Background Story
Day 2 - Saturday, August 12, 2023:  Sculpting of the Crown Piece, Face Piece, Jaw Piece, Shoulder Spikes, and Two Breast Pieces
Day 3 - Sunday, August 13, 2023:  Fabrication of the Sword, and Painting of Sculpted Pieces / Fabricated
Day 4 - Monday, August 14, 2023:  Application Day (on Myself)

Products Used:
▫️Mehron Makeup – AQ Body Paints, Cream Sticks, Wax Putty, Spirit Gum
▫️Pseyeche Lenses – 22mm Flare Darth Maul Sith Lenses
▫️Moonstruck Effects – Custom Vladymyr FX Teeth Set (Upper & Lower)
▫️Cinema Secrets Pro – Colorless Ultralucent Setting Powder
▫️ I made my Custom Made Sword out of Eva Foam, Wooden Dowel, Foam Clay, Tin Foil, Contact Cement, and Dremel Tool.
▫️ I sculpted the Skull Crown, Face Piece, Jaw Piece, Shoulder Spikes, and Chest Pieces out of Air Dry Foam Clay.
▫️ Note:  I painted my prosthetics with a combo of alcohol-based paints and Mehron AQ Body Paints.

Please feel free to ask any questions ( application process, products used, etc. ), I would be happy to answer!

All Photography By: Shanice L. Wadell (Me)

Behind the Scenes Face and Jaw Skull Pieces:

Behind the Scenes Skull Crown Head Piece:

Behind the Scenes Skull Breast Pieces:

Behind the Scenes Skull Shoulder Spikes:

Behind the Scenes Sword:

Behind the Scenes Application Day:

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