Contest submission Krampus

This is an original design Krampus I made.  Body was built with a spandex underlayer and sewn in body padding, then I drafted a pattern with fleece before creating the final fur layer with National fiber Tech Fur.  Head was built on a resin base, then covered with fur, which was trimmed and airbrushed.  Horns are cast resin Ram horns.  The eyes are acrylic cabochons - I designed and printed the eye in photoshop, then used E6000 to glue to the eye blank.  Eyelids, nose and gums were made with a 2 part epoxy.  The tongue is squishy foam removable via magnets.  The hooves were cast with a flexible foam and sewn to a shoe base.  Hands were made with a simple glove pattern with fingernails sculpted and glued to the finger tips.  Tail includes a flexible wire core which was wrapped with upholstery foam and covered with fur.
The accessories were made from assorted scrap leather and fabric.  The chains were originally white plastic which I dyed on the stovetop with Rit Synthetic dye.  I used a variety of paints, inks and petroleum jelly to weather the individual parts.

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