Spiky Lizardfolk Moloch

In the ancient marshlands, dwelled a community of amphibious and spiky lizardfolk. The protagonist's name was Moloch, a warrior within the tribe. Clad in robust armor and wielding a massive battle axe, he also possessed an artifact known as the "Face-Spider," endowed with potent magical powers.

Moloch was a fearless and intrepid warrior. Utilizing his amphibious traits, he could stealthily navigate the swamp, then launch sudden assaults on his enemies. His combat style was one of unwavering aggression, charging forward without hesitation. The colossal axe in his hand could effortlessly cleave through enemy defenses, while the "Face-Spider" artifact unleashed powerful magical attacks.

However, Moloch was more than just a warrior. He cared for the weaker members of the tribe, striving to maintain the balance of the marshlands. His tales of bravery were sung among the tribe, making him a legendary hero of the marshlands. His name was respected throughout the tribe, inspiring the new generation of lizardfolk to continue defending this mysterious land.

Spiky Lizardfolk Moloch, its body initially structured and posed using wire and Styrofoam, then coated with Resin Clay. Subsequently, acrylic paints, pastels, and oil paint were applied in layers for coloring. The overall height is approximately 50 centimeters, with the design drawing inspiration from the real creatures Moloch horridus and Giant woods spider.

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