3 week Arduino class... adevert is wrong?

The advert for the Arduino class says "Watch weeks 1 & 2 on demand".  Before that it said watch week 1 on demand.  Yet, they are  not posted in the on demand section.  Then someone said that they would be posted in 2016?  Can you offer the real date for posts?  Or are they supposed to have been posted already and it was somehow oopsed?

As animatronics is the main reason I love Stan Winston School, this is of special interest for me.

Thank you in advance.

Oz S.


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    Greetings Oz,

    The 3 week Arduino class by David Covarrubias was a live webinar that just finished last Saturday.  The messaging about watching on-demand was for live webinar students who signed up for weeks 2 or 3 so they could catch up by reviewing the previous days.

    Once all 3 days of the webinar are edited they will be available in the on-demand lessons section.  Depending on the editing schedule they should be available within a matter of weeks.

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