Chamberlain Skeksis "The Dark crystal"

I 100% made this costume myself , it sit's on a backpack frame and your hand controls the head like a puppet. It literally took 4 years of putting together & taking apart and making changes and making the head over and over again until I think I finally got it . I won 1st place in the Fandomania contest in Prescott, AZ with it so I'm pretty proud of myself. I have no training , I have not taken any classes on costume making it was all "Try this and see if it works" I looked at pictures and thought hmmm I could totally do this and 4 years later with a lot of trial and error I called it Completed . The head was made out of Aluminum foil tissue paper and white glue and air dry clay, and a huge amount of hot glue. The shell was constructed out of plastic straw like tubes and material bought from Walmart the hand was made from a glove and duct tape. And here you have my costume for 2023 " Lord Chamberlain? The skeksis ! 

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