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Hello artists!
My name's Stefano from italy,
I would like professional advice on an idea that I have for my project.
At the moment no one here in my area has been able to help me.
I would like to make a linen sheet adhere perfectly to a sculpture (which I will have 3D printed in a material yet to be decided, I think polystyrene to work it better).
I had thought of a sort of vacuum .... apply glue to the sculpture, put it inside the vacuum bag and process it as you do with the fiberglass pieces of the car .... what can you advise me?
any help Will be great for me

PS: I attach the photo of the sculpture (the real one in marble, I will have to replicate it and print it in 3d as I explained)


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    The vacuum bag method may prevent you from manually adjusting the folds in the fabric and moving them around to get the ideal composition.   I would suggest impregnating the fabric with a slow-curing resin or brushing the resin onto the fabric to saturate it in place.  This way you have full control over the composition and can move things around as needed.

    I suggest doing a few small-scale tests with different fabrics and see what gives you the best results.

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    There’s also a product called, I kid you not, Stiffy, which will make most natural fabrics stiff enough to hold a shape for molding. I used it on The Outsider for the post clothes shedding stiffness and it worked like a charm on cotton and denim and had a nice long, even set time. 

    Also good for ‘frozen’ clothing effects. At full strength, there will be almost no bend at all. Some craft people swear by using this with silk to get really fine detail like the reference photo. 
    Also, very skin safe, low fumes and water based. It’s like super starch. Soak the cloth in Stiffy, mold it over your form and let it dry, usually the amount of same time the fabric itself would dry. You can also speed up drying time with a blow dryer or carefully using a heat gun. 
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