The Beetle Monstrosity Defiling Deities

Inspired by a desiccated beetle found on the laboratory windowsill, it was metamorphosed into an anthropomorphic creature. In nature, beetles possess colossal jaws capable of gnawing through wood, posing a grave threat to wooden deity sculptures.

Equipped with two whip-like antennae and sharp spikes on each side, although categorized as pests, this beetle still emanates a robust and immense arthropod essence. Its potential for devastation is particularly staggering when confronted with intricately carved wooden deity figures.

To accentuate its savage vigor, the whip-like antennae were reconfigured into shapes akin to bull horns. The powerful mandibles flanking its mouth were retained as formidable weaponry. As supplementary embellishment, certain traits of malevolent deities and demons were integrated into images on the gauntlets and plate armor, further amplifying this insect's formidable presence.

To achieve visual harmony in the composition of the scene, an arrangement was established utilizing inverted, slanted wooden blocks (constructed from Styrofoam) and sculptural structures as the foundation. Gypsum and fragmented white plastic were meticulously applied, simulating the marbled texture of wood grain. This creates an impression as if this beetle monstrosity emerged from its pupal stage, wreaked havoc upon the wooden deity sculptures, and with every heavy step, carried away destruction.

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