Beelzebub Demon entry

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Beelzebub demon

This is my original design of the demon Beelzebub.  I went with more of the classical biblical demon look, I wanted to keep the design simple and straight forward yet making it look really cool, so more of a classic monster appeal without too much distractions.  I wanted this demon to look scary but attractive at the same time, the same feeling people get when they are seduced to do the wrong things, I wanted his appearance to reflect that.  I think of Lucifer from "Paradise Lost" when creating this creature, is he really the monster he is depicted to be? or simple someone who is needed for his duty, as death is simply a part of life and birth, the opposite sides of the same coin.

I digitally sculpted Beelzebub in Zbrush, created the shaders and rendered in Maya.  The illustration portrait was made using a very basic render of the 3D model, then blending layers of textures in Photoshop to create more of a painting like effect.   

Beelzebub creature designed by Theodore Kan

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