Contest submission siren sculpture

Sculpture of my siren. Original design by me. 
I made a half bird-half human hybrid creature inspired by ancient Greek mythology.
During my research in ancient texts i found a siren named „Leucosia“ in a poem by Lycophron which translates to „the white thing“. This gave me the idea of portraying her with albinism. There are many bird features, some of them more obvious ,like a turkey wattle in the middle of her face as a way to enhance her aggressive expression. She has three rows of tiny teeth inspired by geese.Other bird features are a bit hidden. The muscles in her legs may seem normal at first glance but are actually based on the anatomy of a chicken. The armpit and pubic hair consist of feathers to stay true to the concept. This made it way harder to style since they react extremely delicately to heat. The claws are made of several layers of semi transparent dental acrylic which I dremeled to show signs of wear and tear. The volcanic rocks are made of fly screens and colored foam which I also dremeled to show signs of erosion caused by the waves. Also, i added small puddles made of clear resin. 
 My goal with this project was to visualize the myth accurately and bring it to life to understand what the ancient Greeks were so afraid of. 
I sculpted from scratch entirely. Everything from start to finish by me (except for the eyes which are from Fourth Seal Studios) including:molding, casting, painting, hair punching, wings and feather work, hair styling, resin teeth and claws etc.Done in 7 months, finished it last month. body is a bit smaller than life sized :) 

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